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At VETIS we specialize in keeping you on track.

With the help of real-time ship positions and our tailor-made services, we support you - regardless of whether you work in the maritime industry, as a ship chandler, freight forwarder, supplier or supplier.

Learn more about our comprehensive services and how we can support your success in the maritime world.

Ship reports

With VETIS you get real-time ship positions - precise, global and in real time. Our data is invaluable for the maritime economy. We deliver them around the clock, either by email or telephone.

Customer profiles

Our information packages can be flexibly adapted to your needs. Passage reports are automatically generated and transmitted by our operations center, which is manned around the clock. Not only brokers and shipping companies benefit, but also ship chandlers, freight forwarders, suppliers and suppliers - everyone can plan their operations “just in time”.


An exclusive service that we offer are our so-called polygons. We mark areas relevant to you, such as wind farms, and automatically inform you as soon as a predefined ship enters or leaves the region. This service requires precise verification and close coordination of the AIS range with the geographical positions of the respective regions to ensure the highest accuracy. In addition, we not only provide passage reports, but also information about anchors. In this way, you are able to identify delays at an early stage and adjust your plans immediately.

Mehr Service

In addition to ship position reports and information about anchors, we offer a variety of other services. Our operations center, which is staffed around the clock, supports you in a variety of areas:

  • Wake-up calls
  • Scheduling services
  • Taking over emergency services
  • Elevator emergency service
  • Emergency key service
  • ...and other services for various industries